California Construction Concepts is awesome!  Its President & CEO, Marshall Dohoney, has a wealth of knowledge and experience; his patience with clients is amazing.  His quality work ethic is superb, and he holds his employees to the same standard.  The entire team is a pleasure to work with.  CCC has completed several projects for our HOA, and we will surely have them bidding on more in the future!

Jean S. 
HOA Board member ​

California Construction Concepts has been a strategic partner helping to bring value to our DOD clients that others just can't. Their experience, expertise, and ability to adapt to an ever-changing construction industry makes managing our high level of quality and expectations easy!  Every level of California Construction Concepts staff have proven to be extremely competent and able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  I can’t say enough about the value California Construction Concepts brings to a construction project.

Colin Jacobsen 
Project Manager

Marshall with California Construction Concepts (CCC) was hired shortly after I came to the Board, four years ago, to be contract administrator on major repairs, resurfacing and sealing all the streets. The street contractor, Weir Asphalt, was hired to do the work. Thanks to Marshall’s team, Weir was held to a good workmanship standard and forced to redo some of their shoddy work. Marshall’s team kept a close watch on Weir’s work. I was impressed with their due diligence.

CCC was then hired to write and oversee a contract to replace patio fences. In writing the specs CCC recommended and showed the board justification for changing to round tubular steel instead of the square tubular steel used in past patio fences. The change helped increase the life span of the fences significantly. The same design was used in replacing all the deck rails. CCC worked closely with Benchmark to have sprinkler heads marked near the fences and have the fence contractor re-reimburse them for any sprinkler heads that were damaged.

Later CCC reviewed the condition of 108 decks on the triplex units and detailed repairs that needed to be done. CCC won the contract to also do the work. As they took sections of decks apart, there were additional problems found, not visible during the inspection. CCC worked closely with me to show all examples of any additional problems and provided cost effective solutions. The additional change orders were issued from PCM for the work. All problems had photos taken to justify the change orders. CCC gave a 10-year warranty on their work compared to other bidders who were only offering 5-year warranties.

Since then, CCC has done several other projects, generally small. Last year, they repaired several patio walls that has deteriorated and replaced various concrete driveways. CCC’s bid was lower than two others.

Some residents have also commented how courteous CCC crews are on the job. I have found CCC to be very thorough in their work and they stand by their workmanship. These are my reasons for always having them on the bidders list

Jim Daniels
Board Member

California Construction Concepts recently contracted with our 10-unit condominium complex to assess and correct the sources of leaks into our subterranean garages.  The leaks were coming from the first-floor concrete patios in front of each unit. After exhaustive testing to determine the specific source of the leaks, the downstairs garages and patios were subjected to intrusive measures to determine the specific causes of the leaks and to determine damage to the patio foundations.

I was present for the 6-week project to remediate the leaks and ensure that the water incursion would not reoccur.  I can honestly say I’ve never encountered such a highly-skilled and finely-tuned construction crew.  The men were honest, friendly, punctual, disciplined, motivated, and obviously proud of their craftsmanship. They were also the hardest-working crew I’ve ever witnessed. The supervisor, Isabel Rodriguez Mendoza, was especially helpful in making the ordeal of such an intrusive project as pleasant as possible.

Like many communal living complexes we have our share of individuals who are contentious and unpleasant to deal with.  Amazingly, the men were very good at navigating some difficult situations; ultimately, I heard no complaints whatsoever about the crew.

As an individual who has owned several houses and experienced large and small renovations, I was very impressed with the skill level and professionalism of the entire crew.  It is my pleasure to recommend the crew of CCC without reservation.

Linda Araiza
HOA President

Dear Marshall,
I would like to thank you for all the work California Construction Concepts has done for Sonoma-Cutrer Winery. I feel having your company as a resource for us to use helps relive me of the pressure of trying to complete many different projects. Without the in-house expertise and manpower at the winery, your crews have helped us complete projects literally from top to bottom.  From replacing the large skylights on the administration public building to replacing the tile in our filler clean room floor, and everything in between.
Your responsiveness to the repairs at our employee housing units at the different ranches is always first rate.
The way your employees take safety, operations disruption and public awareness to heart, really make me feel confident about the many projects we do with California Construction Concepts.

Mike Weeks
Facility Maintenance
Sonoma-Cuter Winery

"To whom it may concern,
The purpose of this letter is to provide a recommendation and endorsement of both Mr. Marshall Dohoney and his company known as California Construction Concepts. I am the past president and current Board Member of the Temecula Crowne Hill Community Association (TCHCA).

Temecula Crowne Hill is a community of one thousand twenty-seven single-family residences located in beautiful Temecula, California. The average value of the homes in our community is $650,000+. The total value of our community exceeds one billion dollars.

The infrastructure of our community includes but is not limited to, common areas, slopes, fencing, parks, irrigation systems, natural areas, mitigation areas, drainage and flood control basins, streets, sidewalks etc.

Mr. Marshal Dohoney of California Construction Concepts has been our infrastructure and completed construction manager for over one year. Mr. Dohoney and his firm came highly recommended to us and both he and his firm have served our community well.

When seeking a construction manager we interviewed several other Construction Management firms. Mr. Dohoney and his firm have given our community the most value for our construction management consultant dollars hands down. Mr. Dohoney's professional demeanor, knowledge and skills make him a valued and trusted member of our community team.

In our community Mr. Dohoney has managed the detection and repair of slope drainage issues, fencing maintenance/repair, replacement and slope failure problems as well as mitigating problems with other vendors and un-cooperative homeowners.

I highly recommend Mr. Dohoney and his firm, California Construction Concepts, to manage any construction projects facing community associations, municipalities or private Investors."

Joseph W. Rabe
Past President and current Vice President
Temecula Crowne Hill Community

(858) 638-7895